// 2017 Program


The program is still in process and is subject to change in the coming weeks as we add new speakers.


// 8:00 am

Registration and Networking

// 8:45 am

Conference Welcome

// 9:00 am

Plenary session #1

Paradigm shift: how advanced mobility is changing the game for vehicle ownership, fleets, and shared vehicles, and driving new automotive business models

This session will consider how (and how fast) advanced mobility will change our thinking about transportation, including the impact on fleet management, infrastructure, and the idea of personal vehicle ownership as we transition to vehicles that are autonomous, connected, electric, and shared (ACES).

// John Maddox, American Center for Mobility

// John Peracchio, Peracchio and Co.; Michigan Council on Future Mobility

// Michael Berube, U.S. DOE Vehicle Technologies Office

// Glenn Stevens, MICHAuto, Conversation Leader

// 10:00

Opening Remarks

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Co-Chair, Senate Smart Transportation Caucus


Networking Break


Plenary session #2

Charging and fueling the vehicles of tomorrow: how vehicle electrification and fuel cell development enable the development of mobility solutions

This session will consider why automotive OEMs are increasingly turning to electricity and fuel cells to power self-driving vehicles, including the advantages of electric powertrains for autonomous applications and the increased power demands of connected vehicles. In addition, the session will consider the broad cost trends in battery technology as a key driver for vehicle electrification.

// Carrie Morton, Mcity

// Danil Prokhorov, Toyota

// Jon Walker, Lyft

// Jurgen Weiss, Brattle, Conversation Leader

// 11:45

Fireside Chat: Vehicle-Grid Interactions

//  Chris Nelder, Rocky Mountain Institute

// Kellen Schefter, Edison Electric Institute

// Matt Stanberry, Advanced Energy Economy


Lunch Keynote

Rachel Bhattacharya, Director, General Motors and Maven Commercial Mobility Strategy, Maven



Networking Break


Plenary Session #3

The future of urban mobility: the role of clean fuel vehicles in driving the development of smart cities

This session will focus on the growth of Internet of Things into vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and the built environment, and the role for EVs and fuel cell vehicles in these emerging “Smart Cities.”

// Kevin Bopp, Bedrock

// Eric DeLong, City of Grand Rapids; Michigan Council on Future Mobility

// Jessica Robinson, Ford Smart Mobility

// Jim Saber, NextEnergy

// Shannon Bouton, McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, Conversation Leader


Networking Break


Plenary Session #4

Developing a mobility ecosystem: building the hard and soft infrastructure of a connected future (and who pays for it)

Finally, this session will consider the many issues involved in building the energy and communications infrastructure necessary to support the deployment of mobility services, including grid modernization, the availability of charging and fueling infrastructure, and communication between vehicles and the grid, as well as important issues in how we fund these infrastructure improvements.

// Chris King, Siemens Smart Grid

// Scott Steiner, Lockheed Martin

// Jim Ellis, ChargePoint

// Camilo Serna, DTE Energy

// Liesl Eichler Clark, Michigan EIBC, Conversation Leader


Fireside Chat: Leveraging Strengths; Aligning Strategies

// Trevor Pawl, MEDC

// Norm Saari, MPSC

// Dan Scripps, IEI


Closing Remarks

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